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Why Choose One Trauma?

If you are being held back by painful memories, but you cannot face the idea of sharing them with a relative stranger, One Trauma is the solution you have been searching for. Using the Heartbeat Trauma Release (HTR) method, we will show you how you can harvest your own life force to heal from your past trauma and establish a deeper connection with yourself.
Here are just a few reasons you should book an HTR session.

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Why Us

You can discover the power that is within you

No matter what experiences you have had in the past, and no matter what challenges you face today, you have the power to heal. All you need is a little bit of guidance. We will show you how to harness the energy of your own heartbeat, and use it to repair the damage done by stress and trauma. The Heartbeat Trauma Release method does not require you to find your strength from other sources – it uses what is already there.

You can heal without reliving your trauma

Most conventional therapy is based on the notion that true healing is only possible if you delve into your past traumas and analyze them in detail. The process of doing this can be painful: not everyone can open up about their deepest and most personal experiences. Not only is this not helpful for some people – in some cases, it can cause harm. Reliving those memories can create new emotional trauma. The HTR method targets the negative emotions without expecting you to explore the trauma that caused them.

You will start to feel better right away

Even when talk therapy does work, it generally takes a long time to see results. Painful emotions arise from specific traumatic events. It can take weeks, months, or years of therapy before you can uncover the traumas that have led to your emotional injuries. With the HTR method, you do not have to spend time reliving those memories. Instead, with the help of your HTR specialist, you can go straight into the process of healing, and you will be able to let go of that pain and start moving forward with your life after just one session.

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Individual Breakthrough Session Outline and information

Individual Breakthrough Session

Outline and information

Virtual or in-person trauma release session; let go of trauma up to and including PTSD! Attend the breakthrough session and release your specific trauma once and for all.

You’ll Discover:

  • how to release the emotions connected to any specific sexual or emotional trauma
  • why traditional counseling is the wrong strategy to use in dealing with a specific trauma
    the difference between a traditional counsellor and a trauma release specialist
  • how trauma is the gateway to using substances and can open yourself to other negative behaviors
  • the secret to releasing your symptoms and discovering who you are, without trauma continuing to ruin your life.
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About Rosalien Stagg


If there is any silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that it forced us to rethink the ways in which we facilitate healing. Even in pre-pandemic times, in-person interactions were difficult for a lot of people.

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Online Method

One Trauma founder Rosalien Stagg has created an online version of the HTR method, making this treatment more convenient and accessible.

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At Your Space

Instead of having your stress levels rise due to the logistics of getting to a physical location, you can now embark on your journey of healing in your own space, where you feel comfortable and comforted.

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Getting started is quick and easy

If you are ready to let go of painful emotions and move into a more peaceful and harmonious phase in your life, you can get started right now. Browse through the rest of our website to learn more about us, and when you are ready, book an online HTR session using our convenient reservation tool. The power to heal is within you. All you have to do is take the first step.

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