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Stories from recent clients

Below are some brief stories that we’d like to share with you from recent clients, who’ve experienced the power of the Heartbeat Trauma Release Method (HTR) at first hand:

Client Story 1: a woman who had been sexually assaulted by her Dad at age 7. We released the trauma in one session using the HTR Method. The very next day she wrote:

“I feel wonderful! Very light, peaceful and present. Thank you. You are a gift!”



Client Story 2: In session 1, using the HTR Method, we worked on emotions, and the client talked about the hip surgery that she’d been waiting for over the last 8 months. We worked through the emotions, and on moving forward, regarding what may happen, and she felt something move. During session 2 – 10 days later – she shared with me that her hip didn’t hurt at all anymore; no pain what so ever! She couldn’t believe it! She said it was now healed, and she was cancelling the 8-month surgery wait. She said she feels amazing, and she had never had so many ‘ah-ha’ moments!



Client Story 3: from a recent client:

“I am so thankful to have stumbled upon Rosalien’s program. She has truly helped me to help myself let go of childhood traumas, more than any other person that I have seen. She has given me deep insights and transformations to last my entire life. I now believe my dreams are my reality! Best decision I’ve ever made!” J.C.


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