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Remote Wellness. Just a phone call away!

If you are being held back by painful memories, but you cannot face the idea of sharing them with a relative stranger, One Trauma is the solution you have been searching for. Using the Heartbeat Trauma Release (HTR) method, we will show you how you can harvest your own life force to heal from your past trauma and establish a deeper connection with yourself.

Here are just a few reasons you should book an HTR session:

  • You can discover the power that is within you
  • You can heal without reliving your trauma
  • You will start to feel better right away
  • Why traditional counseling is the wrong strategy to use in dealing with a specific mental trauma

Virtual or in-person trauma release session; let go of trauma up to and including PTSD! Attend the breakthrough session and release your specific trauma once and for all.



Visit our website and find out more about Journey Into Wellness and Online Sessions.

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