A Brief Testimonial - One Trauma
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A Brief Testimonial

Here’s a new testimonial from one of our successful wellness center clients:

So, what were my experiences?
  • I found Rosalien’s explanation of the processes simple and easy to apply.
  • Her manner was warm, supportive and safe, yet firm and guiding.
  • As we worked and reworked through the childhood events I felt were the most traumatic or the beginning of a trauma/abuse cycle. Each time we worked through her process, the story and memory of my little me shifted in maturity, perspective and role until the emotions and memory had transmuted into a free and balanced little boy.
  • There was this resounding feeling that I was in control of my choices, my needs and my personal power story.
  • The transformation process was vibrant and full of emotions, thoughts, new understanding, clarity, lucid visions story in action, of the boy transforming from a stuck helpless hurt innocent child. To an empowered complete soul full of wisdom or perhaps past lives lived or a full and fluid connection with infinite intelligence.
  • The days after my first session, it was so cool to recall those defining moments in my childhood and not see the same static memory/image that I had seen for my entire life, but instead a lively little boy who looks up and smiles at me, while he plays in his favourite sanctuary under the old flying table.
Now that some of the defining events/impacts in my life have been transformed through the application of my adult perspective to my inner child’s experience. I am finding myself in deep reflection seeking to connect the dots and begin the process of transmutation. How are these changes within my inner child going shift my identity, feelings and beliefs about myself, the World and those who impacted me?
Rosalien’s technique is one of the most powerful guided processes I have experienced and runs on par with sacred and ancient shamanic plant medicine. I can’t wait for my next session. As an added bonus the connecting process she teaches is a great tool in my day to day life when I feel I need to calm, focus or shift my energy and mind.
~ Ari Nelson (Creator of www.CrystalAlchemyMeditation.com)

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